Here’s what people are saying about Happy Time Defensive Driving:

Nicole M., Austin, TX

"Took this class and highly recommend it. Mark is funny and he is also interactive so it makes the class go quicker. Lunch is included which is great. i will go back if I need to take def driving class again." Link »

Tina P., Houston, TX

"I arrived at the school which is really located inside Connoli Joes, with my roommate. Everybody there was old but I later came to realize they were really cool "old" people. Mark, the instructor, started the class smoothly. He broke the ice by telling us a funny but informative story and everybody was laughing right away. There are 5 minute breaks for every hour of Mark talking, extremely fast but never did I feel like he was going too fast. HE IS NOT MONOTONED AT ALL THANKGOODNESS! His style of teaching is very realistic. He asked each one of us to explain to the class why we were taking defensive driving. Then, he used our stories to teach us right from wrong. Most people in there got ticketed for speeding. I am really glad he didn't just read from a book about the rules and regulations but he interacted with us and taught us using real life situations that people actually get ticketed for. He also busted myths about speeding and other misconceptions that people have developed over time. This review is going to be short, I think the 5 stars for this place speaks for itself. The 6 hours went by really fast. I recommend this place to everyone. Don't do it online because it's cheaper or whatever, just sit it out, the "test" is so easy and he reads you the answers before hand. Trust me, I have taken it online before and it was WAY harder than Mark's class!!!! The unlimited sodas kept me happy and I was extremely pleased with the fresh pizza and Caesar salad for lunch!!" Link »

Barbara C., Travis, TX

"Haven't had a ticket since 1982 and put this class off until the last minute, out of dread. What a surpirse! Mark was energetic, funny, upbeat and the time passed so quickly. We were treated to lunch at our location- County Line on the Water. Yummy chopped beef sandwich, tea & chips! Spent some time on deck watching turtles swim and then back to work. Nice mix of older and younger participants (I'm in the older group) but hey, we did a lot of bonding. Nice to cross age groups now and then. Definitely would recommend this one!" Link »

Sheiran P., Austin, TX

"I sometimes wonder if online reviews are actually written by customers, but this one's for real.. I attended the class at The County Line on 2222. Mark is a very genuine guy, entertaining, intelligent, informative and extremely courteous. The class went by quickly. I have attended only 2 or 3 defensive driving classes over the years. This is the first one I actually enjoyed and had a good meal as well." Link »

Katherine S., Austin, TX

"If you're going to get a traffic ticket, you might as well get it dismissed by attending one of the classes with Happy Time Defensive Driving. I've taken a defensive driving course before and it was tedious and painfully cheesy. Luckily, this one wasn't. 6 hours is a long time regardless, but Marco gets you through it. He was a stellar and genuinely helpful instructor. I'm not planning on needing defensive driving any time soon, but I'll use Happy Time again if I do." Link »

Andrew C., Austin, TX

"Mark was very good instructor for the Defensive Safety course that I attended on 7/18 at Cannoli Joe's in South Austin. He covered the material required and did it with a sense of style and humor - it really helped that he has lived here for a number of years and knew the streets very well. This came in handy as he could empathize and use the examples from the students to help illustrate common understandings vs. the law (He had a white board and frequently drew the intersection details for those of us that are more visual learners). The only drawback was that the videos he had were quite old and somewhat boring - maybe he will find some newer material could be found on Youtube ;-)" Link »

Debbie D., Hays, TX

"Happy Time Defensive Driving was awesome!!! The instructor was both informative and hilarious! We also received yummy barbeque.....I would recommend this class to everyone in Austin, even if you don't have a violation! We had a great class! Great videos and discussion" Link »

chris m., Austin, TX

"i was dreading taking def driving and put it off till the last minute but i actually had a lot of fun in marks class and learned some things i didnt know.. the food from connoli joes was excellent as well... very professional yet done in a light hearted manner... i rarely have had such a good experience with any type of business or service..." Link »

Gene B., Travis, TX

"I recommend this course to everyone. Mark is very interesting to listen to an very funny." Link »


"This was the best ever defensive driving class I've ever taken! Marc makes it FUN and the time flies!" Link »


"Time just flew by. Our class was at Cannoli Joe's, which if you haven't been, is amazing! Everybody told me to do it online. Glad I didn't. This is my first review ever on google. Shows how much I enjoyed the class." Link »

Erika M., Austin, TX

"I took Mark's class at the County Line on 2222. It's as good as a defensive driving class can get! He kept my attention, I met some great people, and ate yummy choped beef. After 9 years of being away and returning to Austin, I feel like I know how to drive here again, new highways and all." Link »

Dominic M., Austin, TX

"it never fails, i get a speeding ticket annually for the past 12 years of my life. i don't have boobs (well i have man boobs, but that doesnt get me anywhere), and i don't know how to cry my way out of a ticket, but i do take defensive driving, and they always come off my record. now i have tried everything. i took the online course, i took the blockbuster home video back when they gave you a machine to plug into your phone outlet when it was time to take the test, and i even took a course once with a guy dressed in a clown outfit. that being said, out of the 12 or so times i have taken defensive driving, happy time was the best one i have taken. took it sat morning at cannoli joes. the class was i think 30 bux (i paid 45 for blockbuster once), and the best thing about the price is that you get all you can eat pizza and drink in the price. cannoli on a sat is now like 14 bux plus 2 bux for a drink, comes out to about 17 after tax. so that is the best part about this class. the instructor mark was awesome. he is funny and was recommended to me by one of my friends who took his tabc class. i actually learned a few things instead of falling asleep like i have done in other classes. i assume i will get a ticket again as long as there is traffic patrol around william cannon and brodie. never fails. oh well. if and when i do, i will go back to happy times." Link »

Errol M., Austin, Texas

"I take a defensive driving class every three years just for the insurance discount. For this go-around, I went to a Happy Time class simply because of the five-star reviews here on Yelp. They are correct. Yelping can be useful. I did the County Line location because it sounded tastier. Mark the instructor is animated and personable and does make the day go quicker. If you're one of the eleven smokers left in Austin, the five-minute breaks every hour are convenient. For me, the only uncomfortable part of this class was sitting through the state-mandated video segments, which just go on and on. The fun part was peppering Mark with hypothetical scenarios--"If five cars are speeding together in the fast lane, which one will be picked off by DPS?" All things considered, another great example of Yelper's recommendations supporting a local small business that deserves it." Link »

Jen C., Austin, Texas

"I've taken defensive driving a couple times before (online-- zzzz + cap city, where the comedian was out sick), and until yesterday, I had thought they were all as dull and brain-gouging as the rest. Untrue! I took Mark B's class at Cannoli Joe's and it completely changed my mind. I would never have taken the others had I known there was a choice like this. The class passes quickly, as the course is taught mainly like a discussion group than a lecture. Mark does a great job of drawing everyone into the conversation and keeping the class alive with his quick wit. The videos are necessary, yes, but he breaks the class up so you don't fall asleep during them. The endless supply of coffee helped too, I'm not gonna lie 🙂 So if you've got to take defensive driving for insurance or to do dute for your road faux pas (, go to Mark B's class. It's as painless as it gets and hey, you might even learn something!" Link »

Chunlin Wang, Austin, Texas

"It has been quite a few years since I attended a defensive driving class. Marco made it fun and educational. I was impressed with Marco's enthusiasm and knowledge. I have to admit that I learnt something useful, from good driving habits to some new traffic laws. I chose this traditional class over online class thinking that it would be more fun to do it this way. Marco certainly has made me felt that I had made a right decision. I would recommend Marco's class to my friends when they need one. Thanks, Marco" Link »

Michael K., Austin, Texas

"f you've ever have a need to take defensive driving, do yourself a favor and take this class. The instructor is awesome. He has a great perspective and a wonderful attitude towards life. It was well worth the time spent. It was like old friends chatting in a comfortable environment rather than a formal class ran by an authoritarian lunatic (yes...I've had them too!). The best thing is how Marc just took away all those feelings of frustration. Let's face it. It sucks getting a ticket, but what's worse is sitting through a class with someone lecturing you for six hours. Marc goes far beyond the call of duty and hell, I'm almost looking forward to my next ticket! : ) ! " Link »

Clayton C., Austin, Texas

"WOW! WOW! WOW!‎ Lets just say I have had a few moving violations..I have taken defensive driving classes on and off for the last 15 years. I've had the professional comedians and the on-line classes but I have never been to a class where I had so much FUN!!!!!!! Best DD class I have ever been to." Link »

Aaron B., Austin, Texas

"I have used Marc for years and his classes have always been so entertaining and informative. A great guy with a wonderful teaching sense. I appreciate everything. Thanks again Marc.‎" Link »

Aaron B., Austin, Texas

"Marc's class was informative and hilarious. Taking a driving class and making it something I truly enjoyed. Anytime you can take humor and provide education it makes for a great time. Thank you again Marc and I appreciate everything." Link »

Janice H., Austin, Texas

"I was truly dreading a day of DD. Marc took that dread and turned it into a very enjoyable, entertaining and informative day. The day flew by and Marc was awesome. I highly recommend this guy. Lunch was great, too. -janice hurst" Link »

Tammy S., Austin, Texas

"You know i've been through a lot of defensive driving coarses from old boring guys, hungover comedians, internet coarses, and finally Happy Time. I have to admidt the class itself is boring but the instructor of Happy Time was atleast funny and used real life senarios. I would absolutly suggest Happy Time." Link »

Valerie B., Sunset Valley, Texas

"So I took Happy Time Defensive driving class today (Sat 9am-3pm) at Cannoli Joe's on 290. First, it did not seem like 6 hours-the time just flew by!!! Mark the instructor is very witty, interesting and really made the class completely painless. Honestly, he got all of the needed information out by telling very funny stories. He's very animated and interactive-without being cheesy. I have taken MANY other defensive driving classes and this was (HANDS DOWN) the best defensive driving class I've EVER taken! Not to mention- the pizza and salad were fresh and DELICIOUS!! Cannoli's manager will make sure there is always plenty of drinks and enough food. And the test will be a breeze! Seriously, you will have a good time... I know that sounds ridiculous, but- it's true. And believe me-I did not want to be there, at all. So I HIGHLY recommend Happy Time!!! Sincerely, Valerie" Link »

Lara P., Cedar Park, Tx

"I attended one of the defensive driving classes at Canolli Joe's on January 9, 2010. I had the best experience!! Marc was very funny and kept the class on their toes! Marc is very personable and relatable. I was worried about having to do some silly exercises or activities, but nothing like that occured! I was able to sit back and relax... he said right away he knew who did not want to be messed with and who wouldn't mind. He was right on in my case! The videos (mandated by the state) are short. They are somewhat boring (I will not lie), but lunch was ready by the time they were over with! I HIGHLY recommend this class!!! WAY better than the videos and Internet d. driving!" Link »

James, Austin, Tx

"I have taken defensive driving before and although many schools claim to be funny and keep you entertained, few are. Mark as a great teaching style and keeps everyone entertained. This is the way to go!‎" Link »

Brian, Austin, Tx

"Who would have known getting a ticket would lead to this much fun... not that I'm looking forward to my next one or anything!!! :o) Mark is great, time flies bye and he keeps you smiling and laughing the whole time. I'd recommed to anyone needing a dd class. Thx Mark!‎" Link »

T. Olds, Austin, Tx

"Had a great time in the class, Mark was very funny and kept the class interesting and full of humor. Great location, great stories, and great food - would definately recommend this class!! Its better than work! :)" Link »

Joe R., Austin, Tx

"I attended this class to receive a discount on my insurance (No Ticket received!!). I didn't know what I was going to get from this class because a friend of mine, who did receive a ticket, had signed me up. I was thinking this was going to be a boring DD class like all the others I have attended in the past, but Mark changed all that,,,He kept the class engaged, was funny and answered all questions. This was the best DD class I ever attended. Mark is a very knowledgeable instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to take a DD class..‎" Link »

Kalote22, Austin, Texas

"Unfortunately I have had to attended a good amount of defensive driving classes in my day. They ranged from the comedy clubs to the usual restaurant classes that offer a free meal. I found that I like the ones with the free meal the best. The comedians are good at what they do and offer the perk of the "free" comic show tickets, but I have found that I end up spending about 30 to 40 bucks at the show with the REQUIRED two items per person when I attend.(So its really not free) The restaurant classes also charge you an extra five or ten bucks to pay for your meal, but that beats 30 or 40 bucks any day in book.(Happy Times even offers a five dollar discount as you can see above under the google map) My point is that anywhere you go you will have to pay for the "perk" thats over the state required minimum of 25 bucks for the course, so what you have really got to focus on is the six excruciating hours you have to sit in the class. I think Happy Times Defensive Driving beats out all the other courses cause the instructor doesn 't make it feel like your there for six hours. Six hours is six hours, but it really didn't feel like it in this class. I am taking the time to write this review(which I never would have bothered with in my busy schedule), and will always go back to Happy Times because it was that good! The instructor is really down to earth and very helpful with all things pertaing not only to the course, but to dealing with your ticket and the in and outs of the process. Good Job Happy Times!" Link »

Jason C., Austin, Tx

"Ashamed to say but I've been to a few DD classes over the years. I had to write a review on Mark and his class I attended. It was PAINLESS. I expected some cheesy comedian with terrible jokes but what i got was an entertaining and witty class that actually was "enjoyable"! It helps that the mexican food was GREAT too! I hope I never have to take another DD class but if I do, it won't be the end of the world... I definitely recommend Happy Time Defensive Driving. Jason C" Link »

Brock B., Austin, Tx

"I am new to Texas and got a speeding ticket over the summer in my first month here. When I was told taking defensive driving could reduce the cost of my ticket and remove the infraction from my record, I couldn't believe it! Soon enough I got a bunch of postcards in the mail for various courses. I picked Happy Time Defensive Driving based on positive reviews on Yelp and on the fact that the owner was able to help me expedite the certificate of completion (I procrastinated). I was going 78 in a 65 on a sunny day on a highway. I will do that every time, I don't feel there is anything unsafe in that. I was thus afraid the course would be boring, not useful and/or preachy. In actuality it was quite unenjoyable and I learned a number of very good safety tips and obscure rules of the road that I really think will make me a better and safer driver. I highly recommend this course!" Link »

Emily B., Austin, Tx

"Mark's Happy Times Defensive Driving School is the most fun I ever thought that I could ever have in a defensive driving course. The learning is visual and you remember because of the comical and engaging improvisational teaching techniques. Mark is extremely patient with every one and constantly encourages questions and any comments. The time flies because it is almost like going to a show or something. Its a genuine entertainment environment, very positive, creative, comfortable, and exciting! Happy Times is Happy Times and a true learning experience!! I can't think of a more wonderful way to really remind yourself why we have to adhere to traffic laws and how we can keep from breaking them. I realized more so than ever the importance of responsible driving and walked out of there caring more than I did before the course which was a wake up call and opened up another awareness level. If you are facing a traffic ticket with the requirements of taking a defensive driving course, call Happy Times! You will NOT regret it! I promise!" Link »

L.L., Austin, Tx

"I've taken a few of these over the years. If you have to do it, this is about as painless as it gets. The instructor kept things moving and he's a good speaker. All u can eat pizza, salad & drinks. They were kind enough to provide coffee and drinks from the start. As I was dreading having to sit through class uncaffeinated, this was a great start. Turned out it went by pretty fast. Instructor was really great at explaining steps for taking care of your ticket, so if you've never had to do the process before, this would be very helpful for you. Pizza was excellent. Soft drinks a little flat, but overall an excellent experience. Instructor is also bilingual and this is a local business." Link »

Bryan B., Austin, Tx

"This is the way to do it!! I have done several defensive driving courses over the years, and this one is the best. Mark makes the time fly by. I honostly enjoyed the class! It was at the County Line on 2222. I have done an online course before, this was way more fun! Thanks again, Mark!!" Link »

Susan B., Austin, Tx

" Just a quick note to thank you for your teaching style. The warm, conversational, friendly atmosphere not only made the time fly by - but actually substantially increased learning. The discussion, and what we learned was much broader and deeper and more penetrating than the items tested. I find myself now thinking about circumstances that are actually dangerous, versus perhaps petty offenses that some of the class participants may have been ticketed for. I will recommend this course, and thank you for your intuitive and effective teaching style. - susanb" Link »

Saia P., Austin, Tx

"I really enjoyed this was 1000% better than taking it online. The instructor is very amusing and we are able to take breaks every hour. Lunch at the County Line was really good too. If I ever have to take defensive driving again, I will definitely take it with Happy Time.‎" Link »

David S., Austin, Tx

"Marc is awesome and the homemade pizza and salad at Cannoli Joe's make this well worth it. Joe's is locally owned by the way, EVEN BETTER!" Link »

Maria R., Austin, Tx

"Six hours flew by. This 2222 County Line location is ideal. Makes you feel like you're in a workshop, not a defensive driving sentence. Mark is an AMAZING teacher. I teach for a living, and I was taking notes from HIM! 😉 If you must attend, choose this one. Very social and funny without the cheese." Link »

Jack W., Bee Cave, Tx

"Happy Time is a great place to kill a ticket. Mark the teacher keeps the class moving with laughs galore. I did the south location at Cannoli Joe's. The location is a bit tricky to find so give yourself some extra drive time.All you can eat pizza and salad. This was my 4th time for defensive driving. You can find worse places to take the class. Trust me. Mark has been in the business for years. The most well versed instructor in all things driving Texas and funny. Make the ticket go away and get a discount on insurance. Relax sit back and enjoy the ride." Link »

Mike E., Austin, Tx

"Marc - - Many thanks for a professional and interesting defensive driving course. I was in your day-long course on Wednesday, August 25. Your presentation style is wonderful ... interesting and annimated. Your material will be helpful. Tips on driving law changes and defensive driving techniques were of great value. I would recommend you and your course to anyone who needs to improve their driver awareness skills. Best wishes to you and your family. Mike English " Link »

Allen J., Austin, Tx

"Marco, You did an outstanding job with the class. I've taken defensive driving many times over the years and I actually learned something in your class and in fact much more than I expected. You made the class real and didn't pretend that you were this perfect driver. I appreciated that. If I need this course again, you will certainly see me again and I will refer people to you." Link »

Trevor, Austin, Tx

"Marc was great, everything was taught from the perspective of "I know you are here by force and not by choice, so I'm going to make this as painless and 'fun' as possible". He'll make you laugh at least a few times, he gives you a quality free meal, and before you know it the 6 hours is over and you can go home. I did mine @ Cannoli Joe's - the pizza and salad were good and served buffet style (all you can eat). Above all the added bonus of a good free meal provided incredible value for the cost of the course. I would definitely go back to Happy Time without looking anywhere else if I got another speeding ticket.‎" Link »

Trevor, Austin, Tx

"Marc was great, everything was taught from the perspective of "I know you are here by force and not by choice, so I'm going to make this as painless and 'fun' as possible". He'll make you laugh at least a few times, he gives you a quality free meal, and before you know it the 6 hours is over and you can go home. I did mine @ Cannoli Joe's - the pizza and salad were good and served buffet style (all you can eat). Above all the added bonus of a good free meal provided incredible value for the cost of the course. I would definitely go back to Happy Time without looking anywhere else if I got another speeding ticket.‎" Link »

Gabrielle S., Austin, Tx

"Inasmuch as 6 hours of a state-structured class can fly by...they did. Mark is the best instructor of any class I've taken in years. You can tell he's really invested in his business and in making sure you have as good a time as is possible for you to have, given the subject matter. And he really knows his stuff, and how to make sure you'll get your certificate in time (if you're like me and the last time you took def driving was 20 years ago (God I'm old) - newsflash - you don't get your certificate at the class anymore, you get it in the mail TWO WEEKS AFTER THE CLASS. Yeah. Didn't know that. But Mark set me up with overnight delivery. Whew. $25 bucks well-spent.). Took it at Cannoli Joe's, pizza and salad were great. " Link »

Chrissy C., Austin, Tx

"I dont yelp or write reviews very often but I just took the best defensive driving class ever! Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous but if you have had to take this class as many times as I have then you would consider yourself a bit of a connoisseur too. I took the class from Happy Time Defensive Driving and Mark Benavides was the instructor and he was great. It was given at the County Line BBQ on the lake and the time just flew by. I have taken the online classes before (miserable!) and many of the other comedy ones. It's usually some type of off brand pizza and I'm fighting to stay awake b/c the comedy part is not usually very funny. What I liked about Happy Time was that we got to be in a nice environment (got to walk out and hang by the lake during our breaks), have a nice meal (several things to choose from) and he was actually really funny and interesting so the time flew by. That was the best part b/c no one likes to spend 6 hrs learning about state mandated driving rules but this didnt feel like that long at all. Unfortunately, I drive so much with my job that I get at least 1 ticket a year so I've taken these classed more than 15 times. I was actually awake, engaged and learned something in this class so maybe I wont be such a repeat offender in the future! Anyways, if you do have to take one of these classes, I can say from TONS of past experience that this is by far the best one to go to." Link »

Aidan M., Austin, TX

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for having me in your class. I enjoyed it, and as a teenager, was suprised that I could even maintain attention and intrest in something so silly as defensive driving. I attended the class held at Canonli Joe's. The food was great, and the presenter was completely professional, but also easy going and taught this class with ease. Again, thank you so much for this oppertunity. I reccomend this class to everyone. -Aidan" Link »

Enea A., Austin, Tx

"The very thought of having to spend 6 hours of my Saturday in defensive driving was excruciating. I picked Happy Time because it felt like the lesser of the evils and to my surprise, Mark found a way to make something as dull as defensive driving into something you can handle. All you need to do is have a good attitude and show up. You don't even have to stop for coffee in the morning because there is plenty on hand. There are breaks in between the sessions and the pizza you get for lunch is actually pretty good. If you have to do something as painful as defensive driving, do it with Happy Time. You will not regret it and you will see that it is actually not that bad. Thanks Mark!! (I hope to not have to see you again.) ;-)" Link »

Raquel S., Austin, Tx

"I took this class today at County Line BBQ and I totally recommend it! The time went by really fast and it was over before I knew it. Mark is really funny and high energy so the class is actually fun. We only had to watch boring videos at the very end. The BBQ lunch was great too. " Link »

Ramona G., Austin, Tx

"I dreaded having to attend the defensive driving class, and even considered just paying the entire ticket instead of enduring a boring class. I am so very glad I decided to take this class with the instructor, Mark, at County Line Restaurant. He made the day go by quickly and he is so entertaining. I also learned some things I did not know; he is very informative. I will never dread taking this class again so long as I know that I can take this class with Mark. " Link »

Angela M., Dripping Springs, Tx

"Coming from a sixteen year old with an attention span of roughly three minutes, this was a great defensive driving course. Marc is very amusing and really good at getting the entire class involved in the learning process, which helps the six hours go by a lot faster. Definitely recommend! 🙂 " Link »

Chester W., Austin, Tx

"I took Marks class at County Line BBQ and it was BY FAR THE BEST DEFENSIVE DRIVING EXPERIENCE I've ever had! You can tell this company takes a lot of pride in what they do and cares about their students. The class was enjoyable, funny, and convenient. Could not recommend any more highly! " Link »

Surita T., Austin, Tx

"Just Left from attending a class located at Cannoli Joes that was instructed by Mark. Great teacher, nice guy, overall the class was very effective and informative, not to mention fun and delicious 😉 By fun I mean for a defensive driving class, and by delicious I mean the free pizza and salad(I'm not that kind of woman, get your minds out from the gutter ladies) Mark kept things moving with his fun antics, great sense of humor and creative teaching style. I work pretty late hours at a group home and arrived to class red eyed and exhausted with only a few hours of sleep. I'm usually a tough crowd under the given circumstances but Mark's charm and complimentary coffee soon warmed up to me. His jokes weren't nauseatingly corny 😉 and he seemed genuinely interested and concerned in his class as well as the victims, I mean people, he was releasing us back out on the road with. With all the teachers I've dealt with that forgot why they began teaching in the first place, you learn to really appreciate the ones who care and still have passion in what they do. Very happy I chose to attend class there. Thank You Yelp and thank you Mark from Happy Time Defensive Driving !!!!!!! Oh, and a mental 6th star because he played MUSE Uprising and everyone knows I'm a huge MUSE fan, I AM the "unintended" lol and I mean that in terms of the whole band and the music, I am no groupie, get it right." Link »

Alex M., Austin, Tx

"I took the class at Iron Cactus on the Saturday before Easter. The instructor was Ramin Nazer and he was awesome! He really made the time fly, he is funny, and he uses people's experiences and other stories to teach and help remember the important points. The Iron Cactus is a nice venue too, and the food was great. I've taken Defensive Driving online before, and it took me more than a month 'cause it was so boring. THIS CLASS IS AWESOME! It really did go by fast, best way to get through the material!" Link »

S.Y., Austin, Tx

"In paying penance for traffic wrongs, Happy Time was a good investment of my time and money. Mark's clever, caring, energetic (and extremely knowledgeable) style made for a very fast 6 hours. County Line very accommodating as well. Great experience, highly recommended." Link »

Tori D., Austin, Tx

"I had taken defensive driving previously with another local company and it was an AWFUL experience. I was referred to Happy Time Defensive Driving by a co-worker and couldn't have been more pleased with the experience. Mark is an INCREDIBLE instructor, so funny. I couldn't believe how fast the class went by. I would recommend this class 100%, couldn't have been more satisfied with my experience." Link »

Jack W., Bee Cave, Tx

"As a repeat offender I know Happy Time like an old friend. Mark has scored by adding Nancy Reed to his staff. A great comic and defensive driving instructor. Nancy is back in Austin from the west coast. A former Funniest Person in Austin winner. She has done gigs with Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong and toured the world. Nancy Reed is funny and a great teacher. She will be performing with Kerry Awn at Esthers Follies June 9-11. Get a break on your insurance,kill a ticket, stuff your face and laugh your ass off." Link »

Frec L., Austin, Tx

"This is as Good as it gets folks. Food is pretty darn good, and our DD comedian Nancy is a sweetheart and makes you chuckle the whole way through, plus she supplies health advice too. You get to see interesting personalities at the class so which is all why I didn't take it online. Breaks were good for figuring out the rest of my day and getting to explore a different part of town." Link »

Tom S., Austin, Tx

"I took your class on Wed. at County Line BBQ and I wanted to let you know that Nancy Reed was a great instructor. I've taken comedy defensive driving in the past and the instructors can be bored with doing the same thing over and over again which makes the class boring. This wasn't the case with Nancy. She was fresh and it seemed more like conversation than a well practiced routine. I would definetly recommend this class, especially taught by Nancy. Regards, Tom S." Link »

Karen T., Austin, Tx

"Mark, I attended the class today at County Line on 2222; I am the woman that was disappointed that you were not going to be teaching us. I want you to know that Nancy was GREAT! She delivered very "dry" information with wonderful humor. She was such fun to be with that the day flew by, and I learned a lot very painlessly!! Nancy is a winner!" Link »

J.D.H, Austin, Tx

"I've taken these a couple of times and this was the best. Nancy Reed made the class as entertaining as it could be with the dry material she has to work with. I once did an online "comedy" defensive driving course that was so boring I did it an hour at a time over about a week. I'd definitely rather take Nancy's course." Link »

Carol C., Austin, Tx

"Austin, TX 5.0 star rating 7/16/2011 As a former "Holier than Thou" driver I was appalled that I even got a ticket! BUT...they caught the Tater! After putting it off way too long because I thought I was gonna save $10 and take the class online, I got the second notice in the mail, and YIKES, I found myself in this class along with 34 other law breakers on a Saturday. (Except for that one chick who was just taking it for the insurance discount) and I seriously thought I was gonna be the only person in class! NOTE: Even if you are taking the class for a ticket, you can ALSO get the insurance discount! SA-WEET! Bottom Line: I learned a LOT, Iaughed a LOT, drank a LOT of iced tea, we watched some videos, and Nancy shared a lot of personal anecdotes relating to accidents and driving. Even with her pre-class disclaimer about the bad humor ahead, I "got" her quite well, and there were many of us laughing out loud more than once. I'd love to catch her act sometime! Nancy really knows her stuff, and fills every bit of the time here with great information. These classes are such a good idea for seasoned drivers, too bad the insurance discount wasn't enough of a draw to get me in earlier. The class went along quickly, and we had a pretty good lunch from Cannoli Joes (they don't make any money on this, and I was happy to see a nice tip jar filled for our waitress, way to go Class!) I even took notes to share with my B/F, whose leadfooted ways haven't been caught on radar, and since they can't give a ticket for operating under the influence of sarcasm behind the wheel, he'll go free. As for me, I'll be back to being a good example as long as I learn to stop being late (uh oh, did I actually admit that out loud?), and hence the speeding ticket (trying to catch that green light!) I'm glad I went." Link »

Kenny R., Austin, Tx

"I wasn't really looking forward to sitting in class for 6 hours watching 25 year old videos and hearing some guy talk about how we should all drive. However, Marco was AWESOME and I really enjoyed the class. There was good down to earth conversation and I know we all walked out of there knowing more than we did. Lunch was included as well. Not some sandwich bar either, it was a big o'le chop beef sandwich with chip from The County Line BBQ. If you have to take defensive driving or want to so you save money on your car insurance, I highly recommend Happy Time." Link »

Liliana N., Austin, Tx

"I just wanted to write and tell you what a pleasure it was to take Nancy's class! It was by far the BEST defensive driving class I had ever taken. She was funny, informative and I learned so much in the class. I have taken "comedic" defensive driving classes before and I was lucky to get one or two chuckles out. With Nancy there were times I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Also, the County Line restaurant was gorgeous and the food delicious. Your company is going in my phone book in case I ever have to take another class in the future or to refer people. Thank you!!!" Link »

Tri R., Austin, Tx

"Mark, Just a quick note. Received my certificate today in the mail! Thanks so much! Already saved $182.00 on my insurance for each of the next three years! I gotta say, I've sat through a gazillion classes and training sessions over the last 30 years. Not one time was I even bothered Wednesday with drifting off topic, much less dozing. Super job, Sir. You definitely have My 2 thumbs Up for a recomendation for anyone I know to come see you for either a ticket or to get a discount on their auto Insurance. Best Regards Tri R." Link »

Matthew G., Austin, Tx

"I typically don't write reviews for things but after taking defensive driving today…I know, I know, how exciting, I had too. The instructor was great – seriously, the class was painless. His real life approach provided what is typically a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, day to speed by. I will not go to any other defensive driving class from here on out. I had planned on taking this class online – however, after watching my mother in-law spend nearly her entire weekend stopping and starting I decided the classroom - one shot – one day - was the way to go. I am so glad I did. Not only did I get my ticket taken care of in one easy mid-afternoon. I actually saved more money! My instructor informed us that we can clear our ticket as well as reduce our car insurance…I had no idea. When I got home I contacted my insurance company and bam! Happy Times Saved me 7% on my car insurance! I felt I was in a Nationwide commercial! In all seriousness, this is the way to resolve DD. DD is gonna suck – it's DD – this sucks less, trust me! Take Happy Time…plus you get county line lunch!" Link »

Yadira E., Austin, Tx

"I am incredibly impressed by the service and help from Mark. I had to turn in my certificate of completion for defensive driving the next morning and didn't have enough time to get it mailed. He did me the favor of writing a letter with company letterhead for me and made sure I had it by 8 AM the next morning. I would've had to pay so much more if he hadn't helped me so willingly. I really do appreciate his help. I was a favor that usually only a close friend would do. Thank you again Marco." Link »

Dallas M., Austin, Tx

"I got a ticket for going, let's just say, a little above the speed limit. I called Happy Time Defensive Driving so that I could get my ticket dismissed so I would not have to pay the huge fee associated with the ticket. Marco not only gave an outstanding class that made the time fly by but made me laugh along the way! He did all the paperwork and I received my paperwork in the mail yesterday! Wouldn't recommend anyone else out there. Thanks again Marco!" Link »

Helen P., Austin, Tx

"I've had several tickets over the years and I've taken many defensive driving classes Happy Time is definitely not your typical boring defensive driving class. The time passed by quickly because the instructor, Marc, was so funny, and made the class totally enjoyable. He's awesome at what he does. I took the class at the Black Sheep Lodge and the atmosphere and the food were both great. I definitely would recommend this class to anyone trying to get a ticket dismissed." Link »

Marina D., San Antonio, Tx

"Happy Time is AWESOME! People always dread going to a defensive driving class but if they went to this one they would absolutely love it! It is not a drag and does not make you want to go to sleep. You will definitely have a great time during the class. You will laugh and enjoy some great food! I definitely recommend this DD class to everyone. It is the best!" Link »

, Austin, Tx

"I took the class at Black Sheep Lodge in South Austin. There were about 14 people in the class. It was funny, the food was really good and the time went by fast. Marc was the instructor and he did a really good job. I highly recommend Happy Time Defensive Driving." Link »

Mike H., Austin, Tx

"Mike in Austin, I took the class at Cannoli Joes. What an experience. Marc made the class enjoyable and easy going. It's a plus when you are able to have a great lunch to boot. I had never been to Cannoli Joes. The food was great!! The pizza was the bomb. I had taken classes at other places but this was the best." Link »

, Austin, Tx

"Absolutely the best defensive driving class I've ever taken. The class is entertaining, the food's great, and the time flies by. I took a course from Happy Time a couple years ago and it was the first place I thought of when I got my latest ticket. Mark was teaching the course again and he remembered me from the class I took years ago. He does a great job breaking the ice and making the course feel like a get together with friends. Mark also makes the content fun and interactive. I'd strongly recommend this course to anyone taking it for ticket dismissal or insurance." Link »

Kristian B., Houston, Tx

"I live in Houston but I took the class with a buddy of time that I was visiting in Austin. I hated the fact that I had to take a defensive driving course to get out of my ticket but this was not bad at all. Definitely recommend this to anyone who needs to take defensive driving. Pizza , laughs, getting my ticket taken off and worth the money just with the meal. Thanks Marc" Link »

, Austin, Tx

"Best way to make the required 6 hour class fly by. The instructor was entertaining and she was pleasant. I attended the County Line on lake location - great lunch and pleasant to sit out back in sun and overlook water. Highly recommended!" Link »

Johnny G., Austin, Tx

"great class! i have taken defensive driving three times. once online and twice in a class. i found it hard to focus when i took it online and it seemed to drag out for more than a week. there always seemed to be something else to do when i had no accountability. then i took a "comedy defensive driving" class and it was hard to pay attention because it was so boring. this past saturday, i took the Happy Time Defensive Driving class and i have to say it was painless. that is probably the best compliment for a defensive driving class. the instructor was entertaining and made the class go by fast. i highly recommend it to anyone who needs to take defensive driving! -johnny g. " Link »

, Austin, Tx

"Best way to do defensive driving...period. Mark is not only funny, but one of the nicest guys there is. The time passed easily, and I never felt like I was "stuck" in a class. I've had to take defensive driving before, but this class is BY FAR the best way to do it...hands down!" Link »

Lee M., Spicewood, Tx

"Wow! I just completed the course today and it was like no other I've taken. Marc is an outstanding instructor, who is energized, informative, and engages the class completely. His knowledge and experience in the Defensive Driving Classes makes him the BEST in the Austin area. The information is presented in a relaxing atmosphere and is inspiring; it certainly accomplishes the purpose for which it is intended. If you desire to take a remedial driving course.....this is the one and Marc is definitely the instructor you want." Link »

Kayle Schoen, Austin, Tx

"Mark, First of all I want to thank you for making your class available for those os us that can't follow the rules and get caught. My husband took a class a couple weeks before I did. I am pleased to tell you I enjoyed my class much more than he did (he used a different company and only got pizza) he said it was so boring and I told him I wasn't bored a bit. I also wanted to tell you, it took almost exactly 21 days for him to get his certificate. Mine was in the mail either Friday or Saturday (we didn't pick up the mail until Saturday), right at a week! Good Job. Hopefully I will never have to see you again, but I will be glad to recommend you to anyone! Thank you for your service. Kayle S. Schoen" Link »

Melissa Garner, Austin, Tx

"Marco- You ROCK! I totally enjoyed the class. You personalize and engage like no other Def Driving instructor I have experienced. I used to take classes regularly for years just for the insurance benefit. The classes were dry and boring. Happy Time made it fun and entertaining, with a delish meal as a perk. There were a lot of really cool peeps in the class, as well. Most importantly - I had a renewed awareness in my driving skills immediately, as I drove away today. I will likely take the class again for the insurance benefit. Definitely spreading the word about you guys. Muchas gracias! PS - I am a pc idiot. If you can turn this into a review, feel free. I couldn't figure out how to post a review on your website. Lo sintio. Mel" Link »

William, Austin, Tx

"Mark and his team transform a laborious, guilt laden affair into something really good. I realize why it is called Happy Time DD. They change the atmosphere with the humor, intelligence and upbeat attitude. You can come in with a so-so attitude and leave with a good one. I recommend this for anyone and everyone." Link »

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